AuKing Mining takes to market the Koongie Park copper-zinc project in $7M IPO  
    AuKing Mining enters into agreement to earn 75% ownership of Koongie Park project  
    Investor Presentation  
    MD Presentation to Mining the Isa Conference  
    MD Presentation to Resources Rising Stars Conference  
    Investor and Media Briefing Presentation  
    Presentation to Australian Copper Conference  
    Company Presentation to Mining 2012 Conference  
    Investor Presentation  
    RBS Morgans Mining and Exploration Conference Presentation  
    Company Presentation June 2012  
    Presentation Excellence in Mining & Exploration Conference  
    Company Presentation - Update on Queensland and Chile  
    Investor Presentation June 2010  
    MD Roadshow Presentation March 2010  
    Company Presentation to Mining 2009 Resources Convention  
    MD Presentation 19 October 2009  
    Boardroom Radio Interview - MD re Company Update  
    Investor Presentation 28 May 2009  
    Company Presentation December 2008  
    MD Presentation to Mining 2008 Conference  
    MD Presentation  
    Co Chairman Address to Company Presentation